AJ Digital Services


SEO & Marketing

Having your website appear as the first search engine result is crucial for people finding your business. We bring more visitors to your site by improving your ranking in search engines and building your online presence. Then we convert more of those visitors into customers by improving your site's usability.


E-Commerce Website Development

We work with our clients to create customized e-commerce solutions to meet business requirements. AJ Inc has the knowledge, resources, and experience to produce a successful e-commerce solution for your business. Our expert website designers in Mumbai has helped businesses worldwide in launching a successful eCommerce website.


Social Media Handling & Promotion

Social media marketing involves the use of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram. This technique is crucial, as it provides the businesses with a "target audience". Our In-house Social Media Team is capable of handling a great workload and deliver the best output.


Web & Mobile App Development

We are one of the leading web and mobile app development companies in Mumbai, delivering custom and enterprise web and mobile solutions across multiple platforms. We excel at combining design, strategy, testing, and development capabilities to craft excellent applications for consumers as well as enterprises.


Custom Application Development

No two businesses are the perfectly same, so can’t be the business and IT solutions for them. AJ Inc strives to provide you custom application development and software solutions that will help you to remain in step with your competition by continuously improving your information technology-based business solutions. For this, we use modern software development platforms, software development tools as well as employ the latest project management techniques


API Development Services

There are numerous uses of APIs that can revolutionize your digital commerce experience. Using an API, you can connect your product catalog web pages directly with a global database that shares detailed information about the products you sell.

ASAP Solutions is dedicated towards implementing APIs as the new method for the connection and development of new applications, within and outside the business. The API economy enables a rapid response to the ever-changing business requirements, new application development, and new business models.


Toll-Free Number

With toll-free numbers, provide your customers with a free of cost communication channel. The toll-free number allows customers to call the business without paying the call charges. All the charges of incoming and outgoing calls are paid by the number owner instead of the caller.

By providing a convenient and free of cost way to connect, customer from all over the country can reach out to the business at their convenience.

Easy-to-remember number pattern swiftly enhances your brand’s recall among customers. Apart from existing customers, this flexibility helps you to attract more leads in minimum time investment.


Virtual Numbers

Buy a local phone number for your business and get connected to the customers residing in different corners. A virtual phone number allows you to keep your personal and professional identity different. Pick the number of your choice which best represents your brand and forwards all your calls to your personal number.

Virtual numbers have no physical phone line connected. Make virtual number the single point of contact for your business and save the cost of employing additional agents and infrastructure to handle a large volume of calls.


Bulk SMS Service

Unlike emails, SMS are easy-to-access and read. Ability to view information on fingertips maximises the open rate of the SMS in comparison to emails. SMS service thus gets your message across instantly and boosts campaign engagement.
Send promotional or transactional messages to your audience. Personalise it further as per business need or customer appeal. Embed dynamic scripts and tailor your SMS further to fetch updated information from the database.
With campaign scheduling option, send scheduled SMS to a group regularly. Add right call-to-action at the end of SMS to prompt customer reaction. Insert website links, last-date information and more to accelerate customer response.


Voice Broadcasting

Reach a large number of people in one go. Quickly start your campaign without any infrastructural setup. Deliver high-quality and secure broadcasting campaign on our reliable, secure and encrypted platform.

Manage multiple voice campaigns seamlessly on our easy-to-use web portal. Use pre-defined message templates or customise campaign messages with our text-to-speech feature.

Broadcast announcement, alerts, promotions or other important messages on a single click. Boost your campaign scope and success rate with automated call retries, DNC checks, or on-demand scalability.


Press 1 Campaign

Integrate press 1 feature into your voice broadcasting campaign to increase your outreach. Using this feature, you can collect customer leads by prompting a customer response. Once your customer listens to the broadcasted message, give them an option to connect with a live agent by press 1 option.

You can also seamlessly conduct customer surveys with press 1 campaign. Simply ask your customers to answer the surveys in form of numeric inputs. Extract these survey responses right away from your web portal.

Also, you can record every customer conversation instantly and get access of these recordings on your web portal as soon as your call terminates.


Missed Call Service

You can organise quick polls, surveys and customer engaging contests without any cost to the caller. Receive a large number of missed calls concurrently and do not miss out on customer response. Your customers can simply request a callback by giving a missed call.

Eliminate tedious tasks of filling out a lengthy information form. Get customer information by asking your customers to give a missed call.


Call analytics dashboard gives insight into the performance and success of the missed call campaign. You can keep track of all the missed calls received over a single dashboard. Create and schedule reports to your and team member’s email ID.


Multi Level IVR

By using IVR in your business, you can attend to your customers 24*7. The self-service option lets your callers resolve their query without any assistance. This automation reduces the workload of your agents and gives callers a speedy way to resolve queries.

Skill-based routing eases the calling process by intelligently forwarding the call to the best-suited agent. You can also quickly scale your telephony system on-demand without having to worry about the added infrastructure or price.

With sticky agent feature, callers can connect to the same agent they earlier had a conversation with. This feature provides quick and quality query resolution to customers. Integrating your telephony system with CRM facilitates an error-free and smooth customer experience.


Vanity Number

Vanity number is a special type of toll-free number which allows the business to include their brand name into the toll-free number and increase its brand recognition and value. These numbers have an alpha-numeric format based on the company name or service it represents.

Providing a marketing opportunity, these numbers are a great asset for a business who wants to establish their brand name. Vanity number can also be used as a virtual number where all the incoming calls are routed to a different phone number.


OTP Service

OTP services are the most entrusted method to verify user information, accounts and online payments. You can easily & quickly implement every check with OTP service by sending codes via SMS, e-mail or voice without any added complexity.

Our fast and secure SMS API ensures to send your OTP SMS in less than 10 seconds, guaranteeing quick and reliable message delivery. OTP services override the DND filter to make sure you do not miss sending any critical information to your users.


Number Masking

Number masking or call maksing service allows any business to facilitate a secure conversation between their employees and the customers. They can easily protect the privacy of their users by assigning a separate virtual number to both the parties.

When a customer initiates a call in the app, the request gets automatically sent to AJ Inc's server. Customer’s number gets mapped with a temporary virtual number at the server. Call is then forwarded to the company agent with the assigned virtual number ID. Without revealing the customer’s actual number, the call gets patched between the agent and the customer.


Automated Calls

Automated calls can be used by every industry to cater to a variety of their business needs. By altering the script, you can use automated calls service for sending reminders, follow-ups, feedback surveys to your customers.

Setting up call campaign becomes a lot easier with low-cost set-up and no infrastructural requirement. You can simply start using the service by providing your business requirement to AJ Inc. Our product experts provide continuous assistance to ensure your campaign is set up appropriately.


Virtual Call Centre Software

Virtual call center software builds a smooth platform for your call center agents to work remotely from multiple geographical locations. An effortless channel to communicate, that lets you seamlessly collaborate with your agents spread across different locations over a single platform. And that too by reducing the overall business setup cost.

With AJ Inc’s virtual call center software, agents can handle all the calls proficiently by instantly accessing customer’s information on their screens. Automated call recording feature records all your customer calls to help your agents with training and quality check.


Click to Call

Providing a quick call back option on your website/portals eases the calling process for potential customers looking to contact. After landing on your website, visitors can straightaway submit their contact number and request a callback to get in touch with you.

Deploying this click to call widget on your website gives your potential customers a prompt method to connect with you. Eliminating the on-hold time and reducing the hassle to connect with business, this solution provides a quick and cost-free way to connect with your business.